Lab Instructions and Assignments

Lab 1 (Monday and Wednesday February 13 and 15 - SEB 307)

You need to read the pdf book that you received when you bought your copy of the software (or downloaded from class Web site). You also need to watch a number of videos BEFORE you attend the class. There are only a maximum of 20 desktops available, thus bring your own laptop, if you have one. You need to be on time to the class. Watch the videos mentioned below and try to create the models. If you plan to come to the lab session unprepared, you will waste your time. You need to learn the skills of working with the software on your own. The pdf file mentioned above is the transcript of those videos.

Watch the videos in Learning Simio channel (Introduction to Modeling with Intelligent Objects parts 1-7) [Link].

After watching and practicing model building and running shown in those videos, visit Ashkan Negahban Channel. [Link]. and watch 4 videos for Lab 1 (they are at the bottom of the list of videos).

An assignment will be posted for our class after the Wednesday session with a short turn around time. Make sure that you practice and learn.