Some General Information

All communications outside the class room takes place in a Google group for the class. You must join the group to use it and stay active as a member of community of learning. A good portion of this course involves hands-on-work with a simulation software (Simio). The information about obtaining a student version of Simio and the required textbooks is posted to the course Google group. A licensed academic version of the software is installed on the computers in SB 307 and SB 103 labs. When submitting work, please make sure that it is consistent with the guidelines set for the class. Consult the general Work Submission Guidelines document to make sure that you are submitting your work according to guidelines.

Professional report writing is a requirement

As an engineer, you will be writing countless reports during your professional career. There is a high level of expectation in this class from you to produce quality work. Please, consult the general Report Writing Guidelines document for ideas about the materials to be included in your report.

Course catalog information

Introduction to analytic modeling and discrete event simulation of queuing systems with associated statistical concepts. Applications to industrial system modeling include production systems, inventory analysis and other aids to decision making. One simulation language is covered in detail and several others are discussed with animation demonstrated.


The main goal of this course is introducing important aspects of a simulation study. They include modeling, simulation software, validation and output data analysis. Simio simulation software by Simio LLC is selected as the software for the course and medium level proficiency in modeling, implementing, and analysis of the output is expected from students by the end of the course.

Pre-requisite by Topic

A programming course (IEGR 304 or equivalent), A probability and statistics course (IEGR 351 or MATH 331 or equivalent). It is recommended that you take this course after you have been exposed to several IE core courses.

Required and references textbooks and software Grading

Homework     30%
Midterm         25%
Final               25%
Projects         20%