General Information

IEGR 204 is the introductory course designed to provide Industrial Engineering students an overview of the IE as a career and our program, specific areas of IE that are offered at Morgan State University and certain computer skills needed for a successful completion of the program.

Goals for the Course:
1) the student will be able to understand computer internal representation (i.e., what computers are doing internally when processing information);
2) the student will be able demonstrate required computer skills for engineers (e.g., MS Office, www applications, etc.);
3) the student will be able to perform basic math/engineering related problems;
4) the student will gain strong individual and teamwork skills through various research home assignments and laboratory assignments which supplement the course materials by providing a ‘hands-on’ mechanism for solving problems efficiently.

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Fall 2016 class participants

Fall 2016 class has 18 registered students. Majority are freshmen students. However, few transfer students new to IE program and some sophomore student are also taking the class. The class is a blend of American and international student.

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