Important Notes: Followings are the general guidelines. Depending on the nature of the class you are taking, there maybe additional instructions contained in the course homepage or announced during lectures.

Submit you work in a twin pocket portfolio


Place any digital media you are submitting in the left pocket.
Place the hard copy of the report in the right pocket.


Label everything according to the format below


File names should follow the format below

All file names should have three fields separated by underscores. Field one has your first initials in capital letters. Field two has the course number and field three is a short string of alphanumeric characters (all in lower case) representing the information about the assignment being submitted. For example, JD_IEGR455_hw3 can be name of a file submitted by John Doe in IEGR 455 that has homework number 3.
A report must have a cover page.


Report contents must follow the Report Writing Guideline.


Submit your work before the due date by sliding it under my office door.


Digital Submission Classes: When requested, follow the same steps as above, except no hard copy of the report needed.