Assignment 1

For the three single machine, 30-job problem given below find three optimal schedules that minimize: (1) average flow time, (2) average tardiness, and (3) the number of tardy jobs.

Assignment 1 Problem

Assignment 2

1. Find the optimal schedule for 30/1//Lmax problem 1 with the following precedence constraints:

J7 J11 J3 J19 J28 J5

J19 J8 J4

J17 J10 J2 J30 J4 J15

J14 J6 J23 J30 J8 J1 J22

2. Use Johnson’s algorithm on the 30/3/F/Cmax problem and find Cmax for the following cases of artificial two-machine problem formed by:

Case one: (Pi1+Pi2) and (Pi1+Pi3)

Case two: (Pi1+Pi2) and (Pi2+Pi3)

Case three: (Pi1) and (Pi3)

A random schedule of your choice (explain how)

Assignment 2 Peoblems

Assignment 3

1. Develop an EXCEL sheet that does the calculations of all possible schedules for the problem worked out in the class for Van Wassenhove and Gelders algorithm. Plot all pairs and identify the efficient schedule among them. The plot, and a table showing all calculated values should be included in your report. Do not include copies of EXCEL sheet.

2. Apply Van Wassenhove and Gelders algorithm to find all efficient schedules for the following problem (n/1//F-bar subject to Tmax ≤ Δ. Use Sum (Fi) instead of F-bar. Also find the best schedule with respect to: 12*(Sum Fi) + 21*(Tmax) .

3. Solve the 30/3/F/Cmax problem below using S3 algorithm. Is the solution optimal? Why or why not?

Assignment 4

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Assignment 5

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Assignment 6

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